A UI/UX app

Chronica* is a note-taking app made exclusively to help writers further their stories, grow their skills, and acquire future inspiration. The menu is easily accessible on any page. Simply slide to the right to view the menu. The user can access their stories from the menu as well as other options that will help them in their stories. The user can see all of their works-in-progress under the 'my books'. The stories can be accessed by simply clicking over a title or pressing the ‘add’ button to create a new story. The option to tag their stories helps Chronica* recommend similar topics on the inspiration and community pages to cater directly to the user. The title screen offers the user multiple features to plan their story. With endless writing tools added to the bottom and more available in the inspiration page, the user can continue to enrich their experience and organize an entire novel in one app. Chronica* removes the stress and clutter from the writers’ minds by offering a clean interface to better encourage productivity.


The development of this app required a clear understanding of the objective, scope, and strategy, which initially emphasized on its quick ability to capture ideas. Towards the end of the development stage, the idea took a different direction focused entirely on story-writers. In order to fully build around this idea, the project needed to change its structure and original design. The final result was a fresh, novel writing app that combined the functionality of a text-editor with a stylish interface that encourages creativity and productivity.