AngularJS Web App

Tidningen is a reader app that can be viewed in a web or mobile browser. The app shows news data pulled from the New York Times API in the side scroll view. Users can access an item by mouse or touch to receive the full details on the right. The API can be reloaded to attain the most current news data. The app allows users to see recommended articles from the New York Times.


Tidningen was built using AngularJS and live data from The New York Times API. The app follows the basis of most reader app structures by implementing two views. However, contrary to these apps, both views on Tidningen are readily available on the same screen. The idea behind this came from attempting to diminish the amount of clicks needed for a user to get to the target page. This allows for the user to see all data on one screen.

|   |---app.js
|   |---services
|   |   |---news.js
|   |---controllers   
|       |---HomeController.js
|       |---ArticleController.js
|   |---angular.min.js
|   |---angular-route.js
|   |---article.html