A UI/UX travel website

Tirp-o! is a personal travel planner website that makes planning itineraries quick and easy. The idea for this website is to allow users to build a travel page which would organize all the information that has been retrieved from the site or clipped from external websites. The website contains a lot of articles of travel destinations, restaurants, hotels, and attractions. It also provides current and relevent information, allowing users to keep up-to-date with the most recent things happening for their next trip. By creating a trip page, a user can collect pages and store them under their tabs. External information, such as flight information, coupons, and more, can be clipped into the sidebar. One of the more unique features of this side is giving users the oppertunity to hire travel assistants from the website's own community to further enhance the travel experience.


Competitive traveling websites were analysed and groups were surveyed to create an ideal user experience best suited for the target audience. User case scenarios and personas were essential to finding errors and making improvements. User testing was conducted in the projects final stages to observe user behavior.