A UI/UX app

Wanderly is a health and memory app for providing assistance to the elderly who suffer from Alzheimer's diesease or dimentia. The purpose of this app is to act as a reminder and alert for both the user and its caretakers. Wanderly helps its user during troubling moments when they do not know where they are and need help getting in contact with family. The app is programmed to detect when the user has gone too far from home. At times like these, Wanderly alerts the user and asks them if they need help. The app is connected to other family members' phones, so when the alert is activated, the family members will recieve the alert as well.


Substantial research was needed in order to layout the concept. Early on, the idea began as a memory tool that would save locations to be used for a later time. The objective was to help people who were forgetful and often needed something to track things. But as this app progressed, it ultimately became an important tool that focused on aiding the elderly.